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The children's book "We are strong"

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Our radio play for the children's book
"We are strong"
Wir sind starkHörspiel
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We are strongAudio
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Ми сильнірадіоп'єса
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Мы сильнырадиоспектакль
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The children's book "We are strong" has been created in three different language versions. It can be accessed as an eBook in the following languages:
- German-Ukrainian
- German-Russian
- German-English

The story is also read aloud in the corresponding language. Simply press the audio button in the eBook.
If you would like to have the children's book in a hardcover version, please order through our contact form.
The Story

"We are strong" is about the little boy Mykola and his sister Natalia. Mykola had a very normal life before his escape. He lived with his parents and sister in a small town in Ukraine and liked to play cards or soccer with his friends. But then his life suddenly changed. He heard the word "war", there started to be banging at night and he had to hide in the basement together with his parents. Mykola was afraid and from the fear he got a very strange tummy ache. Then his parents told him that he had to flee with his mother and sister to a new country, but his dad would have to stay behind in the small town to help. In the new country, however, he realized that the memories and longing for his dad kept catching up with him and making him sad.
However, together with his mother and new friends, he also discovered new things that brought him joy. He learned a helpful way of dealing with situations in which his burdening memories and sadness caught up with him again.
Mykola now wants to share these beneficial experiences with all children who went through something similar.  

This story shows how children and their family suffer from stress caused by war and flight and how they can learn to cope with the stress in a playful way using different strategies and deal with them openly.
The children's book is meant to show the ones affected by war how much they have achieved so they can proudly say
"We are strong".


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