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Dear parents, dear helpers, dear interested parties,


Welcome to the website of our children's book "We are strong". Thank’s for stopping by!

The experiences of war, flight and violence can leave painful traces on the (child's) soul. We want to help you and the children to face these traces as well as fears and stressful memories and put them into words. You are not alone with these feelings. There are helpful strategies for dealing with stressful feelings. We want to show you these strategies using the story of Mykola in the children's book "We are strong". In addition, we want to give you the opportunity to deal with your own experiences together with your children and with the help of our additional materials and to discover helpful strategies that fit for you.

Through our additional materials, you and your child together with Mykola can find out what helps your children personally against their fears and what brings them joy. In addition, we have compiled extra information for you as parents and helpers to explain how stress can manifest itself in children and how you can help them cope.
With our children's book we want to show you that you and your child are not alone and that together you can always say "We are strong"!

All the best for you and your child!


The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.

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